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02/07/2017, 1:45pm CST
By denise workman has chosen P18 Madison Lilley as the recipient of the 2016 Andi Collins Award which is awarded to the top setter in the country.  Congratulations Madison

2016 Andi Collins Award: Gilding the Lilley

Written by: John Tawa in Andi Collins Award February 7, 2017 0

Madson Lilley (10) enjoys a moment with her BVW teammates

Madson Lilley (10) enjoys a moment with her BVW teammates

“Gilding the lily,” with origins from Shakespeare, means to embellish something unnecessarily. Madison Lilley, our 2016 Andi Collins Award winner as the nation’s best senior setter, needs no gilding. She already has a golden touch. She is a perfect setter in every way.

I sit here this morning struggling to come up with new superlatives to describe the talented Kansan from Blue Valley West, who will enroll in June at the University of Kentucky. We wrote about Lilley at length last year when she was named’s National Junior of the Year after leading BVW to its first Kansas state title in a decade. We added to her narrative in September when we announced Lilley as the No. 4 recruit nationally in the Senior Aces. Here’s what we wrote about the 5-11 setter at the time:

“A game changer for every team she’s on, Lilley is a towering talent who will be Kentucky’s most touted recruit ever. Named 2015 National Junior of the Year after leading her high school to its first state title in a decade, Lilley is a gutsy setter who will set anybody from anywhere. She is particularly skilled at bettering bad passes, even setting to the opposite pin from off the court, and she has a knack for setting middles. Though she will set exclusively at Kentucky, Lilley is definitely a five-tool player. She is a smooth athlete with a flawless arm swing who loves to attack. Her serve is among the toughest in the nation. She is a dominant blocker at the net and her defense is both relentless and sophisticated. Lilley also is blessed with all the intangibles a big-time setter needs to help her teams win at the highest level. She is a natural leader, whip smart on the court and competes like no other. Lilley also has massive big-match experience, including from having played for the USA on its Youth and Junior National Teams the past two summers, and has been in so many pressure situations that she remains calm in the critical moments. “Her leadership qualities have been even more impressive in the beginning part of her senior season,” said BVW head coach Jessica Kopp. “If she feels the intensity in a practice beginning to dwindle, she brings the team together and lights the fire anew. She will do incredible things at Kentucky and beyond, I am excited to see her excel this year and in the future.”

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